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Three Lakes Communities That Care



The mission of Three Lakes Communities That Care (CTC) is to promote healthy youth development and to prevent problem adolescent behaviors such as substance abuse .

This coalition is dedicated to following the data trends of students grades 6-12 in Roscommon County in the following areas:

  • Intent to use drugs
  • perception of risk of drugs
  • family difficulties
  • risk factors
  • community problem risk factors
  • the protection factors that keep students from feeling the need to experiment or use drugs and alcohol.

From that data, they have provided an evidenced based program, Guiding Good Choices Parent Program to any parent in the county for free, through local community organization donations.

The coalition also provides their data services to other organizations that need to use the data for grant purposes. They also cooperate with other organizations which are dedicated to the prevention of drug use and underage alcohol use.



 Shelley J Hubbard


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Use the TalkSooner app for tips on how to talk to your kids about not using alcohol or other drugs.