Helping Parents Prevent Youth Substance Abuse

Create a Contract

Kids who learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to 50 % less likely to use drugs. Consider putting the details of your conversation in writing. This not only ensures that you are both on the same page, but it underscores your discussion with an official pledge to one another. 

The sample contract below demonstrates rules about social circumstances that may lead to using drugs and alcohol. Feel free to use this contract as-is or simply as a springboard to construct a more personalized version together with your teen.


CHILD: I, _______________________, agree:


[   ] I will not drink or take drugs. My promise not to take drugs includes taking any prescription drugs not prescribed to me.


[   ] I will not drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor will I ride in a car while someone under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is driving.


[   ] If I feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any social event involving drugs or alcohol, I will call you for a ride home.


[   ] I will be honest with you about my lifestyle choices and the people with whom I surround myself.


[   ] I will talk to you when I am upset, scared, or confused - even if I'm afraid you'll be angry or disappointed.


[   ] I will be accountable for my actions if/when I make mistakes.


Personalize: Add your own additional pledges below.




PARENT: I, _______________________, agree:


[   ] I will make myself available to you whenever you need me – whether it is to talk or to give you a ride home.


[   ] I will provide a comfortable, safe, respectful place to talk honestly about any topic that is on your mind.


[   ] I will listen and keep an open mind when you and I speak, regardless of my own beliefs or opinions.


[   ] I will respect your honesty if you are in a situation where you have drank or done drugs. I will not overreact or judge you; however, I am still your parent and my actions that follow will always be in your best interest.


[   ] I will love you for who you are.


Personalize: Add your own additional pledges below.



CHILD SIGNATURE: _________________________________


PARENT SIGNATURE: _______________________________


DATE: __/__/__





Use the TalkSooner app for tips on how to talk to your kids about not using alcohol or other drugs.