Helping Parents Prevent Youth Substance Abuse

Be Realistic

Although parents should not waver in their stance of no drug or alcohol use, they should also be realistic. Parents must understand that despite their efforts there is still the possibility that their child will try alcohol or drugs at a party, the prom, or even at a friend’s house.

Although the goal of the conversation is to encourage teens to not use drugs or drink, parents also want to ensure that their kids are safe at all times.

Kids should understand that if they do drink or experiment with a drug they should under no circumstances drive or get in the car with someone who has also used drugs. Instead, encourage them to call for a ride with no questions asked at the time that he or she is picked up.

Parents will want to assure their teens that they will not be punished for making the call and shouldn’t be scared to do so. They should be made to understand that in those situations, their safety is of the utmost importance.




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