Helping Parents Prevent Youth Substance Abuse


You need to not only talk to your kids early, you need to create positive involvement in family life. If you wait for a situation to present itself, you may be too late.

Early as 12
Studies show that kids in west and southwest Michigan are trying drugs and alcohol as early as age 12.  Pretty scary statistic isn’t it?

The Anti-Drug
Although this statistic is troubling, it emphasizes the important role parents play in their kids’ lives.  Did you know, 82% of youth report they can talk to at least one parent about serious issues? 

Parents, think of yourselves as the “anti drug.”

Talk to your kids early and often about drugs and alcohol and know it’s never too early or too late to have those conversations.  Check out the Parent Resource Library for ways to start those tough conversations.

Correct Misconceptions
When kids don't feel comfortable talking to their parents about substance use, they're likely to seek answers elsewhere, even if their sources are unreliable.

Kids who aren't properly informed are at greater risk of engaging in unsafe behaviors and experimenting with substance use.

Parents who are educated about the effects of drug use and learn the facts can help correct any misconceptions children may have.

Role Models
Talking about substance use as a part of your general health and safety conversation with your child can help keep the channel of communication open for future opportunities.

Parents are role models for their children so your views on alcohol, tobacco, and drugs can strongly influence the views of your child.

Learn More
Explore the linked content to learn more about where, when and how to talk to your kids about drugs.



Use the TalkSooner app for tips on how to talk to your kids about not using alcohol or other drugs.